Willemien Kool


I am a passionate midwife, living my dream job. I strive to provide evidence-based practice while still viewing pregnancy and birth as a normal, though life changing event; making me grateful for the privilege of working with unique women and all that they have to teach me as I walk with them through their journey to motherhood.

The midwifery model of care allows me to provide continuity of care which helps to foster a deep trust between the midwife and a pregnant woman and her family. Antenatal visits are not only about checking vital signs and measuring the uterus. They are also filled with questions about life, activities, food, dreams, fears and storytelling. The mother, her family and I get to know each other well during these visits, building a strong relationship, allowing me to provide hands-on physical and emotional support to the mother and her family as she prepares to give birth. The mother then also feels comfortable to share her experiences after birth during the postnatal period of care and support.

This model of care also allows me to provide the mother and her family with individualised education that will empower them to actively participate in their care. I believe pregnant women or couples should take an active role and responsibility during this special time in their lives. When they are having adequate information they can make informed decisions, as the parents ultimately know what is best for themselves and their baby.

I completed my basic degree in 2010, whereafter I gained 5 years of experience in neonatal ICU and the maternity department of Steve Biko Academic Hospital. I opened my own practice as a midwife in 2016. In mean time I also completed my Masters Degree in Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology and finished off in 2017.