Natural births

@ your home

@ City View Birthing Retreat

As your midwife, I will be your pregnancy care provider throughout your entire pregnancy, labour and birth, and the postnatal period.

At every antenatal visit, I will check your urine, check your blood pressure, measure your fundal height, feel for the position of the baby, listen to the baby's heart rate, and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We will also discuss nutrition and exercise; I take care of any blood tests that are needed/desired at that time in your pregnancy as well as any referral to an obstetrician as and if needed.

Care Schedule:

  • First appointment to book;
  • Appointment at obstetrician on 20 weeks;
  • Followed by a monthly appointment until 28 weeks;
  • Then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks;
  • Again appointment at obstetrician at 36 weeks,
  • Finally weekly until birth.

When you are in established labour, I will come to your place of delivery to monitor your and your baby's wellbeing while awaiting birth. After birth, you and your baby will be monitored for a minimum of two hours, during which time a thorough newborn exam will be done and assistance with breastfeeding will be given as needed.

During the postnatal period, you and your baby are checked daily for three days. You'll be seen again around 1 week after birth, and then our final visit will be around your 6th week postnatal.

Should any complications arise during the course of your pregnancy, in labour/birth, or during the postnatal period, I will consult with your back-up obstetrician or hospital and we will determine the appropriate steps to ensure the continued health of you and your baby, including a transfer to the hospital if needed.